On this site you can find out or be informed about the role of the Product Contact Point, the application of Regulation (EU) 2019/515 on the mutual recognition of goods, as well asproblem-solving procedures in the event of a dispute over the movement of goods. You can also search for the National Legislation that applies to products in Greece

National Legislation

Access to a wide range of national legislation on products in the harmonized and non-harmonized sectors


Submit a Request

Here you can request information about the products you are interested in, such as electronic copies of the national technical regulations and national administrative procedures in force or electronic access to those rules and procedures, or information on whether these products are subject to pre-authorization under national law.

Product Contact Points (PCPs) provide economic operators, upon request and
free of charge, with information on the transposition and application of EU
harmonization legislation applicable to products.

Fields that must be completed are indicated by (*). See the data protection policy in detail here.

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    With the following link you can go to the official website of the European Union to evaluate your experience by visiting this contact point website.